Alpha Females New York

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Aching for a Mistress like Mistress Ariana who will probe your mind while discovering your buried wishes, to twist and mold

Mistress Elena DeLuca

Mistress Elena De Luca specialty includes discipline, humiliation, teased exploring the erotic art of BDSM.

Domina Miranda

Enter a Journey into Domina Miranda world and exploit your fetishes, inner thoughts, identity and sexuality.

Madame Sade

If you’re looking to submit to an intimidatingly beautiful and exceptionally skilled Woman, you’re in the right place. I offer safe and discreet immersion in fetish, 

Goddess Hera Chevalier

The ultimate dance between pleasure and pain; it's very erotic. Bred into the lifestyle from birth.

Mistress Luna

A few things before we start; 

you've already lost. 

you are on the path to giving everything to ME. 

Mistress Megan McCord

What I want is to see you struggle to fulfill my every whim. My whim is your desire... you will beg to be in My presence... you will beg to be under My heel...  

Lady Toro

Dominant by nature, Toro is a beast, as her name suggests. Born to carribbean-american parents in the city that never sleeps, she is shamelessly sadistic 

Madame V

Surrender yourselves to me; head bowed, knees bent and palms up, arms stretched out and ready to do my bidding.

Mistress Alana Aradia

It is a rare occasion a woman of My caliber comes along. I am lustful, demanding, intelligent and always in control. 

Mistress Varla

I am a very experienced Dominant with a clear understanding and ongoing interest in the psychology of D/s & S/m. 

Mistress Maya Midnight

My main interest is in scenes of extreme physical or psychological submission. I am usually very high-energy in session, . 

Bi-Coastal Alpha Females

Lady Lordess

Egyptian & Latin Native New Yorker now dominating The City of Angels. In my presence you will quickly see, I am a natural born dominant 

Mistress Tangent

I'm Mistress Tangent, Goddess, if you please, a world-class Pro-Domina with 10+ years professional experience, and an international video fetish star. 

Mistress Myrina Douleur

I will always have a deep need to conquer, dominate, be challenged and rise victorious. Repeat. It is in My nature. I am an Amazon, 

Visting Alpha Females

Mistress Cybill Troy a skilled Dominant Fetishist & Sadist with an endless passion for all things kinky. A lifelong Female Supremacist, her effortless Dominance and seductive smile 

Mistress Vinyl Queen

I am not someone who simply answered an ad in a newspaper thinking that I could make quick cash while dressing up in pretty outfits. BDSM was a personal pursuit of mine 

Mistress Simone

As a Chicago & Saint Louis based Dominatrix, my focus has always been on creating an environment where we can explore the world of BDSM in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. 

Mistress Evilena

I am an accomplished hypnotist and true Hypnotic Goddess. My interest in hypnosis began when I was a child.

Mistress Andrea

From a very young age I have always been attracted to female empowerment and muscle. 

Mistress Justine Cross

Mistress Justine Cross is a professional dominatrix, dungeon owner and BDSM consultant based in Los Angeles.

Mistress Tess

Mistress Tess from UK is Visting ParthenonNYC May 28th - June 1st.

Mistress Miranda

Mistress Miranda from London UK is Visting ParthenonNYC soon.